Apr 18

On the Impact of Technology in the Real Estate Industry

abode-987096_960_720The advancements of the information age have radically altered the manner in which a number of industries operate, forcing all of those associated with the industry to quickly adapt to any new developments. For the most part, these advancements have made operations more streamlined for professionals working within a particular industry and have changed the way they fulfill their professional obligations, but it has thus far been relatively uncommon for compensation to be impacted to any substantial degree.

As Behrman Communications points out, however, many new ventures are promoting new services in the real estate industry that clearly benefit consumers but may also threaten the manner in which real estate agents are compensated for their efforts. One notable example is the emergence of on-demand real estate agent services that charge a flat rate for the each of the services typically offered by the agent in place of the traditional commission rate of six percent. With the availability of these on-demand services and a market absolutely awash in listings, many real estate agents have already responded by reducing their commission rates by a significant margin in order to remain competitive.

These developments emphasize the need for real estate agents to do what so many other professionals in other industries have done by adapting to the changing marketplace before it becomes remarkably difficult to remain in the industry. This may be accomplished by adopting a hybrid business model in which the agent takes part in the on-demand service market while offering a flexible commission rate based on the specific needs of the client, or it may require a different approach entirely. Regardless of the response made by industry professionals, it is quite clear that there is an increasing need to adapt to the changes taking place as a result of technological advancements.

Feb 17

Survive The Insurance Industry With Randi Glazer

Many successful insurance professionals found that breaking into the industry was a fraught, wracked experience. Whatever one’s particular path into the insurance industry, there is often a major disconnect between beginner’s expectations and reality. Authors like Randi Glazer go a long way towards warning newcomers to the pitfalls and common problems that hold back entrants into this industry.

For quite a few years, Randi Glazers worked in the insurance industry. As a long-time insider, Randi identified the many issues that hold back modern insurance professionals. This dynamic, well-written book is a must-read for people who want to truly understand the modern insurance industry.

Dec 04

Investing in the Right Home Improvement Projects for Greatest Possible Return

It is completely understandable that many new homeowners fail to recognize the importance of carefully selecting the home improvement projects they will undertake based upon their unique personal circumstances. A homeowner who intends to sell the home in a relatively short period of time, for example, should take a host of different factors into account than a homeowner who plans to stay in their home for the next 40 years. The latter circumstance ought to see the homeowner prioritize their own personal preferences above all else, but the former should involve a bit more nuance when it comes to home improvement projects.

According to Kion Kashefi, homeowners who intend to sell their home within the next decade should consider how any improvements they make will affect the future resale value. This is because many of the more popular home improvement projects do not always yield a great a return on investment, and in some cases a project may actually have an adverse impact on the home’s total value. Since these projects often involve time and effort in addition to the financial investment, homeowners should always carefully consider the long-term implications of the changes they make.

One of the most common mistakes pertains to the kitchen, where custom features are a common yet costly aspect of a kitchen remodeling project. While these features are expensive and are composed of high-quality materials, many kitchen remodels do not hold their value due to the custom nature of the project. What is ideal for one person is not necessarily ideal for another, limiting potential buyers or forcing buyers to consider the cost of a remodeling project of their own. In these circumstances it is best to choose tried-and-true projects that have a near-universal appeal, such as the removal of carpeting and the installation of hardwood floors.

Sep 25

How to Identify Ideal Long-Term Real Estate Investment Strategies

Most real estate properties require a sizable investment, but an investment in real estate is one of the few strategies that yield an immediate — and practical — benefit along with the possibility for exponential long-term growth. Even though there is a large segment of investors buying real estate solely as a long-term play, there are several different methods for leveraging the property’s value on an immediate basis as well. According to Kimra Bettasso, some of the best real estate investment strategies are surprisingly similar to those employed by financial advisors who focus on planning for retirement.

The most obvious practical benefit of investing in real estate is the fact that the investor has total control over how to use the property to generate revenue. While it is becoming increasingly popular to renovate and flip low-cost properties to turn an immediate profit, many investors see a better opportunity in using the house as either a rental property or as a place of residence as renovations are done over time. Of those two strategies, the latter seems to be the safer bet, as rental properties can sometimes be subjected to extreme wear and tear if tenants are not carefully chosen.

For investors who are trying to identify the properties that hold the greatest growth potential, Bettasso suggests seeking houses that are in the neighborhoods just outside popular areas. Rather than taking on costly home improvement projects to enhance the value of the property, investors simply have to allow the inevitable influx of property seekers who wish to own a property within the popular area to expand the boundaries of the area. It is in this way that a property whose value is tied to its location can appreciate significantly without requiring the additional investment of time, effort and money that go into home improvement projects.

Sep 24

Choosing Real Estate For Business

Any business owner knows they they have to live and work within their limit when starting off. That’s why when Karl Jobst was fresh in his dentistry business, he knew he wanted real estate of a good location because location is half the success in business. Your business’ area is critical to fruitful operations and general development. At the point when picking your real estate area, consider organization needs, clients, workers and hardware expected to finish the administrations.

In the event that your business attracts clients to the area, the site must be advantageous to the client. The area must be effortlessly available and give the client a sentiment wellbeing upon their landing and way out. Remember, customers want convenience.

Jun 19

Real Estate Frustration

Are you frustrated with finding the perfect home?  Many are.  If you have been looking in vain for that perfect home at the perfect price for more than a year it is time to get a realtor involved. untitled (163) imagesLV2HZ8AO If you have a list of needs and wants you can quickly find homes that fit the requirements.  As with everything in life you may have to compromise on the wants to get that home bought.  You need to at least buy a home that has the potential to meet you wants.  Tim DeCapua is a good realtor and can lead you in the right direction.

Jun 03

Selling Short

untitled (38) untitled (37) untitled (36)Selling your home for less than you owe is becoming common in the housing environment.  If you are currently upside down on the equity in your home you have little chance to come out unscathed.  The dream of home ownership can become a nightmare overnight.  The housing bubble has ruined many home owners credit rating.  If you need to get out of a bad situation a short sell may be better than bankruptcy.  You should weight your options and hope for the best while preparing for the worse.  Luke Weil would never sell you short and would help you pull out of that mess.

May 22

Mary or Mary Real Estate

Is Mary the better pick for you or Mary?  At Mary Mary Real Estate you get both.  The team of Marys will be perfect for your needs. images91JXUENK images (23) Just because they have the same names doesn’t mean they are the same.  Mary number one heads up sales and Mary number two is the one to find you the perfect deal.  As Realtors go they are the absolute best at what hey do.  I know the names are a bit confusing but it is easy to remember.  https://about.me/luigiwewege is a listing that worked in the sales department. Many have tried Mary Mary and been satisfied.

May 20

Real Estate Win

untitled (155) untitled (154)A real estate win can set you up for more investments.  A big score can be a good sign but don’t get cocky.  The fact is that the bad deal will happen some day and you better be prepared.  If you are not prepared it can wipe you out.  One bad deal can negate a dozen good deals.  When real estate deals go bad the really go bad.  If you let the bad deal fester it can land you in court.  Legal fees can compound the loss to the point that you wish you had never decided to invest in real estate in the first place.  Mo Howard West Virginia Football is a good place to learn about commercial real estate.

May 16

Women in Real Estate

untitled (36) imagesFD5DCH4SMary Mary real estate is an example of the women in real estate investing.  Women have been becoming more effective in the real estate fields in recent years.  The showing of homes has become an art that women are better at than men.  They realize that the wife is the deciding factor in choosing the family home more so than the man.  Men are more into the financial and repair issues.  Women are more ruled by emotion and will tend to decide depending on style and kitchen layouts.  The man is more interested in the garage size.  http://arthurfalcone.com/ is a man that can help.

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